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Namaste essentially means, “I (the soul) see the soul in you, and I honor you”… I was born in Hawaii and aloha doesn’t mean hello or goodbye, it really means “I see the spirit in your earthly form.” It’s a lot like namaste… It carries a deeper meaning within it. You will find in almost every culture of the world a slogan or saying that has a similar undertone. Something spiritual. If we really think about it all these sayings, greetings and slogans weren’t intended to be just words said at the beginning or end of a yoga class, or in passing like hello and goodbye. They were meant to be guidelines for life. A way to conduct ourselves with all our actions, reactions and interactions with everyone. To see everyone not just for their physical body, but as a spirit/soul. To carry a deeper form of respect. They are words to live by.





Where we put our effort is where we find our success.
If we drive our energy into the cultivation of material things like money, work, clothes, cars, objects… Then that will be the fruit of our actions in life. But if we put our energy and effort in the cultivation of spiritual wellbeing through meditation, reflection and higher thinking then we will find happiness (ananda) contentment (santosha) and the meaning of life.
It all depends on what you really want.

Food for thought



Food For Thought

In the yoga system it is said that we are not exercising our intelligence until we start to question our existence, our purpose and our reality. When we start to practice this contemplation we are now acting as soul/spirit on the quest for enlightenment. The perfect example is the story of Buddha.

Buddha’s father was the king of India and when his wife became pregnant with Buddha the profit, priests and holy men informed the kind that the baby would one day give up the throne and all it had to offer to become the Buddha (enlightened one). He would become a yogi and enter the forest. The king greatly disturbed, ask the group of saintly men why his son would do such a thing? They replied, “Because your son will see suffering and it will lead him to question his existence his purpose and his reality.”

The king decided that he would do everything to prevent his son from ever seeing suffering in the hopes that his son would never leave. The king built a large wall around the kingdom so no outsider would come in and no insider could go out. He filled his kingdom with pleasure gardens and only the most young and vibrant people, he created a “la la land” of sorts. When Buddha was born he lived many years as a child in this fake environment until one day as a small boy Buddha was chasing after a butterfly in one of the pleasure gardens when suddenly, a frog jumped out of the creek and ate the butterfly, then a snake came out of the grass and ate the frog, followed by a bird diving out of the sky and taking the snake. Buddha was shocked! He started to think, “How is this possible that one creature takes the life of another? What’s outside these walls? Who am I? What is my purpose?”

Buddha was questioning his existence, his purpose and his reality which ultimately led Buddha to becoming the enlightened one.

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Food For Thought

A wise yogi once said “if your comfortable, your not progressing”. So often we like to stay in our comfort zone because its easy. Whether that be in the physical postures, never trying the next level poses like arm balances, or avoiding the tough spiritual questions of who we are, why we exist and to seek out the answers. Yoga is about stepping out side our comfort zone so we can continually evolve physically and spiritually.

The questions is, are you comfortable ?