Catie Purcell is a true California native, with experience in traveling and living all around the country. She has always loved people, culture, and diversity ..anthropology in general. She grew up playing music and team sports until she was told by a doctor (after breaking her ankle (for the fourth time)) that she could no longer play any competitive sports again. She focused solely on art and music through high school and thereafter, but had no outlet for physical endurance. At the age of 20 (8 years ago), Catie finally discovered yoga. A perfect marriage of community-based exercise and music! She was sold. And the more she learned, the better it got. Not only was it a safe space to strengthen her ankles, but every other part of her body, as well. Inside AND out. In addition, and even more importantly, yoga had finally introduced her to her most spiritual self. Catie loves the fact that yoga is a group effort, and yet a practice of connecting with the true inner self. She also loves that yoga provides the combination of spiritual and physical development. Catie achieved her 200 hour teacher training certification, focusing mostly on Vinyasa Yoga, with Tamal Dodge, founder of Yoga Salt. Her classes are fun and challenging, yet well rounded, and each class is always different. She believes very strongly in the benefits of yoga, and therefore cares very much about the well-being of each and every student in her classes.