When Stephen first came upon yoga, he was strictly interested in it for its surface benefits. He muscled his way through yoga, like he did in life, with little breath or awareness.

And that worked out until it didn’t…

Several injuries later and a two-year sickness that left him bedridden, gifted Stephen the opportunity to reevaluate his approach to living.

This process brought forth a newfound discipline & dedication to integrating soul into his body & mind.

His perspective shift reshaped his world…he even found himself breathing 7 years into practicing yoga.

Eventually Stephen became a teacher in 2008. He has been teaching publicly and privately since then.

His joy & passion is to provide his students with a light hearted, fun & encouraging environment where you feel supported to challenge yourself and uncover your true potential.

As we practice the art of alignment and breathing through asanas, we learn to stay connected to self & soul in the face of challenge on the mat; this of course, can trickle into life off the mat.