In the path of yoga, everything happens at the right time.  After practicing for many years and never really giving much thought to becoming a yoga teacher, one day in savasana the light just went on.  At that time, yoga teachers, to me, seemed to live on another plane that I did not feel I could aspire to. Perspective is everything!  Now I believe that taking a yoga teacher training is something that MOST yogis should do, whether they plan to teach or not. I was fortunate that when the time came for me to take a TT those two independent sources, my next-door neighbor and a bartender at the restaurant where I wait tables, recommended Tamal Dodge.  Not only did his TT fit with my schedule but the price was reasonable, which we all know, in this economic climate, is a factor.  I did not know Tamal and had never taken his class.  So I decided to remedy that and I attended one of his classes at Santa Monica Power Yoga.  Sometimes with a teacher, from the first moment you just know that everything is going to great and that you can relax and find your practice, no matter what poses you take.  This was the case with Tamal.  He’s a pretty young dude, but he’s been around the yoga game forever and has the street knowledge to dial in the download on what’s going on in yoga right here, right now.  I can heartily recommend that you take his TT.  It radically changed my life!

Dan Ward , Yoga Teacher at Bryan Kest Power Yoga